Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bathroom Redo

 I'm redoing a friend's bathroom for her (posts to follow when it's done), and it reminded me of how much I love my bathroom!  My bathroom used to be an old used white.  It had been so long since I painted it that the white was dirty in places and it wouldn't wash off.  This is the inside of the white cabinet that I haven't painted yet.  It gives you a teensy idea of what it was like. 

But below is my new and beautiful bathroom!  I planned on painting the top half green and the bottom half tan. I thought the green paint I bought would look nice and would fit the old style of my 1925 house, but boy was I wrong! It looked horrible! Like a 1914 institution for the insane! Luckily, as I was showing my neighbor how horrible it looked, she offered the remainder of the can of purple paint she had just used in her bathroom. Mind you, I'm not a purple person, but we went over and looked at her bathroom and it looked really nice. The "tone" of the purple even matched the color "tone" of my tan.

Plush towel is Royal Velvet Egyptian Cotton from JCPenneys $8
The more you wash these towels the fluffier they get.
I also bought them in the bath sheets = $15 each

Octagon tinted and clear mirrors
 from Ikea
used to cover tiny holes in wall
$14.99 for 10


Gold mirror- $4 at garage sale, flower canvas picture- $10 at Ross.
Hanging white plastic bin is also from Ikea.

Rolling washclothes is a great way
 to organize and look pretty!
Actually a candle holder,
obviously not using it for that
$2 at a garage sale

Not only do the colors work, but I love my accessories!

Over the door towel rack
$12 at Ross
Purple glass "holder"
Holds my brush & mirror
$4 at Ross


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