Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Warmth!

I totally love summer.  
 It creates a warm, wrapped in sunshine feeling. 
 So different from the rain. 
I love the cool summer mornings that remind me of the beauty of life.
I see the glorious symbols of light that glisten from so many reflections providing an early morning sparkle of radiance.
I love the calmness of the quiet and bright awakening day. 
I love a rich caramel iced coffee in the morning, it's more casual, more freeing than a hot cup. 
 I love the choice of shoes in the morning with no worry about nylons or pantyhose, I can wriggle my toes freely and cutely all day long.  
 The taste of a chilled ceasar salad on a 90 degree day is almost indescribable, with the crunch of croutons just along for the noise. 
There's nothing like sitting on a park bench, light reflecting off the concrete, while I momentarily close my eyes, enjoying the footsteps of passing of summer lovers. 
The warmth of the mid afternoon sun creates a thirst that's wondrously quenched by heat and ice,  warming and cooling your soul in an exotic tango with your heart.
What compares to that sleepy afternoon when the world is full of heat, yet the day is centered around the crisp coolness of looking from the inside out.
For an evening walk sauntering down the waterfront, gives me an incredible peace inclusive of the heat, for there is sun, there is warmth, and there is love.

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