Tuesday, January 3, 2012


If ever there was a time for shopping, it's now.  If ever there was a time I wished I had money, it's now.  I'm not usually a huge Kate Spade fan.  Most of their purses are designed for a smaller, shorter woman.  Their shoulder straps are generally too small to fit on my plus size padding.  A friend of mine said the short shoulder straps are generally so shorter women can carry them in their hand also, but without it being too close to the ground for them.  But I like my bags on my shoulders! 

At any rate, Kate Spade has an additional 25% off their sale items through 1/10/12.  So of course, I was perusing their sale, despite having absolutely no money to spend.  Check out these really unusual clutches at KateSpade.com!
Fabulous little clutches eh?!