Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday - Is it really a good deal?

So here we are.  Cyber Monday is upon us.  All the advertising, all the hype, all people secretly surfing at work...I really don't see that many super-duper good deals (other than all the free shipping offers).

So wow (sarcasm dripping here... -->), Old Navy and GAP are a whole 30% off.  (I've seen that sale before, haven't you?).  While Lane Bryant has 50% off  --- there's still a minimum of $75 before you get that discount.  Macy's has a whole 15% extra off.  Whoop!  Woman Within is 30% off your first item with a $50 minimum.  Yeah baby.  Whoop again.  Even the Avenue, who has 50% off the entire website --- well, that's really a great sale but they've had that all 4 days of this weekend!!! (I know because I've been shopping it and hopefully got my sizes before they went out of stock with you cyber Monday shoppers!  

Here's a good example of why it's good to do the math when a cyber Monday sale sounds really great:

Jessica London's cyber Monday sale is:

Take 50% off your highest item, take 50% off your 2nd item when you buy 3, take 50% off your 3rd item when you buy 5...

So let's say you buy the 5 items. (Remember, you are required to buy 5 items in order to get only 3 of them 50% off.) I'll use numbers that are fairly easy to split for addition purposes.

Item #1 is a heavy sweater. $50 - 50% = $25
Item #2 is another sweater. $40 - 50% = $20
Item #3 is a poplin shirt. $36 - 50% = $18
Item #4 is a silky shirt. $28 no discount = $28
Item #5 is a turtleneck $20 no discount = $20
Regular price total $174. With discount = $111 = only a 36% discount!!!

It's a whopping 36% discount. Whoopee! Now while that's a nice healthy sale, it's not what I would consider a GREAT INCREDIBLE deal worthy of what cyber Monday is supposed to be. What do you think?