Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Awesome Curtains

I found these fabulous curtains!  I was at JCPenney one night a few months ago and was browsing through their curtain section.  Now, I would've never thought of hanging two different patterns together --- much less two different colors --- but they did it on their display and it looked good.   I'd never been inspired for my dining room (although we don't do any dining in it, we use it for watching movies on the computer), but these curtains inspired me.  For the first time ever I knew exactly what I was going to do with that room!  It turned out slightly different as I don't have the two white leather chairs yet, but in it's place is a gorgeous orange leather couch!  It's a lot of color, but until I get my 2 white/cream leather chairs, I can live with it (and actually love it!).  I'm thinking of painting my armoire either gray or cream.   I'll do a post later of before & after of my dining room...but in the meantime, these are my new curtains! 

Here's a preview of my orange leather couch at the apartment that I bought it from on craigslist....