Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Post!

Wow, how to start!  I suppose this is the perfect forum to just blurt it out:  I LOVE STYLE!  I'm not sure when I started loving style and fashion.  It seems as if it's always kind of been there.  I remember being in 2nd grade and my mother had crocheted a skirt for me --- even at that tender age I had opinions about that skirt (I hated it)!  Perhaps that was just the beginning!

Okay, so last weekend I went shopping and I'd like to share a couple of my shopping tips with you.  First off, if you shop online, there are a couple a secrets to not only getting a good deal, but also for assuring a good fit of the clothing you choose.  For those stores that you can go online to, plus have a store locally, your best option is to start out online.  I go through the website, such as for the Avenue, and I look at all the clothes that interest me.  I note what colors they have, the different styles, while thinking about what I have in my closet and what I'd like (note that I didn't say "what I need" ).   I'm very good about remembering the prices, but write them down if you need to.  Then I go to a coupon website such as  I query the coupons available and carefully go through the valid ones.  Often proceeding to the checkout page (without intending to buy right then), I'll enter the coupon code to make sure it works.  It will also tell you then how much you'll be paying for the item.  After a rush of joy at my finds, I head to the local store to do a try on session!  This has saved me innumerable times from ordering clothes online that don't really fit my body type (which by the way is kind of pear/hourglass shaped).  While I'm trying on clothes I'm remembering which coupons I have in my purse for in-store shopping and mentally calculating the cost.  Sometimes a 15% off coupon for the store is not as much of a money saver as an online coupon for $25 off a $60 purchase.  Even with shipping, you'll often come out ahead....stay tuned tomorrow for my purchase of the week from online shopping!