Sunday, November 17, 2013


 First, I've gained so much weight lately that I'm sorry I haven't much been into fashion.  I can't seem to find the inspiration to lose it, hence for the first time I understand how shopping for clothes is not  fun.

Now I'm into painting and upcycling things.  I've wanted to try spray painting plastic toy animals that I've seen done on pinterest and today was the day! I paid $3 at Target for my plastic gray elephant. This elephant on the right is $24 on etsy. 
Step 1:  Change out of your $400 pair of glasses before spray painting on a windy day.  As I found out it can be disastrous!  Luckily, I'm due for a new pair of glasses...



Here is what turned out to be the BEAUTIFUL "after" pictures!!!!!!!!!!
Step 2:  Take before picture!  I almost forgot to take pictures!  So the before pictures shown below, I had already turned the elephant upsidedown and had spray painted his underside before I remembered to take a pic!