Sunday, August 2, 2015

Redoing Outdated Dresses #1

My daughter has recently remembered that her mother sews.   She's been picking up dresses at thrift stores and even one at The Gap for $5 --- she's bringing them to me saying "Mom, I really liked the material on this dress, but it's a little old fashioned, could you redo it pretty please?!" 

All I did with this dress was remove the sheer sleeves (they were elastic at the wrist!) and resew the raw edges.  Then I removed the sheer ruffle sewn on the neckline and then resewed the faux wrap neckline and added a black belt.  

Luckily it's summer time and it's relatively easy to modernize dresses for summer.  I've had a hard time remembering to take pics of the dresses, and completely forgot to take pics of the details -- like the skirt on this has a really neat zigzag ironed-in pleating effect on it.  

I have to admit, I've really loved taking something outdated and making it modern!

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