Sunday, November 17, 2013


 First, I've gained so much weight lately that I'm sorry I haven't much been into fashion.  I can't seem to find the inspiration to lose it, hence for the first time I understand how shopping for clothes is not  fun.

Now I'm into painting and upcycling things.  I've wanted to try spray painting plastic toy animals that I've seen done on pinterest and today was the day! I paid $3 at Target for my plastic gray elephant. This elephant on the right is $24 on etsy. 
Step 1:  Change out of your $400 pair of glasses before spray painting on a windy day.  As I found out it can be disastrous!  Luckily, I'm due for a new pair of glasses...



Here is what turned out to be the BEAUTIFUL "after" pictures!!!!!!!!!!
Step 2:  Take before picture!  I almost forgot to take pictures!  So the before pictures shown below, I had already turned the elephant upsidedown and had spray painted his underside before I remembered to take a pic!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Warmth!

I totally love summer.  
 It creates a warm, wrapped in sunshine feeling. 
 So different from the rain. 
I love the cool summer mornings that remind me of the beauty of life.
I see the glorious symbols of light that glisten from so many reflections providing an early morning sparkle of radiance.
I love the calmness of the quiet and bright awakening day. 
I love a rich caramel iced coffee in the morning, it's more casual, more freeing than a hot cup. 
 I love the choice of shoes in the morning with no worry about nylons or pantyhose, I can wriggle my toes freely and cutely all day long.  
 The taste of a chilled ceasar salad on a 90 degree day is almost indescribable, with the crunch of croutons just along for the noise. 
There's nothing like sitting on a park bench, light reflecting off the concrete, while I momentarily close my eyes, enjoying the footsteps of passing of summer lovers. 
The warmth of the mid afternoon sun creates a thirst that's wondrously quenched by heat and ice,  warming and cooling your soul in an exotic tango with your heart.
What compares to that sleepy afternoon when the world is full of heat, yet the day is centered around the crisp coolness of looking from the inside out.
For an evening walk sauntering down the waterfront, gives me an incredible peace inclusive of the heat, for there is sun, there is warmth, and there is love.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Awesome Curtains

I found these fabulous curtains!  I was at JCPenney one night a few months ago and was browsing through their curtain section.  Now, I would've never thought of hanging two different patterns together --- much less two different colors --- but they did it on their display and it looked good.   I'd never been inspired for my dining room (although we don't do any dining in it, we use it for watching movies on the computer), but these curtains inspired me.  For the first time ever I knew exactly what I was going to do with that room!  It turned out slightly different as I don't have the two white leather chairs yet, but in it's place is a gorgeous orange leather couch!  It's a lot of color, but until I get my 2 white/cream leather chairs, I can live with it (and actually love it!).  I'm thinking of painting my armoire either gray or cream.   I'll do a post later of before & after of my dining room...but in the meantime, these are my new curtains! 

Here's a preview of my orange leather couch at the apartment that I bought it from on craigslist....


Monday, May 27, 2013

Spray Paint Love...

I have temporarily discarded fashion and replaced it with Pinterest and spray paint! I seem to have fallen in love with spray paint.....Remember those old brass decorative plates that everyone seemed to have in the 70s and 80s?  Well, here's what I did to mine!  This is with only 1 coat because I liked the slight fading of the color on it.  (P.S.  I painted the first one green and can't seem to find the pic of it --- but you get the idea!)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bathroom Redo

 I'm redoing a friend's bathroom for her (posts to follow when it's done), and it reminded me of how much I love my bathroom!  My bathroom used to be an old used white.  It had been so long since I painted it that the white was dirty in places and it wouldn't wash off.  This is the inside of the white cabinet that I haven't painted yet.  It gives you a teensy idea of what it was like. 

But below is my new and beautiful bathroom!  I planned on painting the top half green and the bottom half tan. I thought the green paint I bought would look nice and would fit the old style of my 1925 house, but boy was I wrong! It looked horrible! Like a 1914 institution for the insane! Luckily, as I was showing my neighbor how horrible it looked, she offered the remainder of the can of purple paint she had just used in her bathroom. Mind you, I'm not a purple person, but we went over and looked at her bathroom and it looked really nice. The "tone" of the purple even matched the color "tone" of my tan.

Plush towel is Royal Velvet Egyptian Cotton from JCPenneys $8
The more you wash these towels the fluffier they get.
I also bought them in the bath sheets = $15 each

Octagon tinted and clear mirrors
 from Ikea
used to cover tiny holes in wall
$14.99 for 10


Gold mirror- $4 at garage sale, flower canvas picture- $10 at Ross.
Hanging white plastic bin is also from Ikea.

Rolling washclothes is a great way
 to organize and look pretty!
Actually a candle holder,
obviously not using it for that
$2 at a garage sale

Not only do the colors work, but I love my accessories!

Over the door towel rack
$12 at Ross
Purple glass "holder"
Holds my brush & mirror
$4 at Ross


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shopaholic Running Rampant

This relates to the previous post...oops!  I did it again this morning!  A coupon came in for 40% off my GAP purchase.  What do I do?  One little tshirt, but I couldn't stand to pay $7 for shipping on a shirt that would cost $8.50.  What is the solution?  Hmmmm....if I spend over $50 I get FREE SHIPPING.  So I headed over to Old Navy since it's the same company and my GAP purchase would count toward my total and Old Navy has almost as cute of clothes, but alot cheaper!

Size Unit
Qty Total Return Type
Gap Bold graphic T
elysian blue
S $14.95 1 $14.95
Old Navy Boys Lightweight-Jersey Zip
Teal Squeal
S $8.00 1 $8.00
Old Navy Boys Lightweight-Jersey Zip
Medium Heather
S $8.00 1 $8.00
Old Navy Boys Logo Graphic Tees
Citric Acid Ne
S $10.00 1 $10.00
Old Navy Boys Double Pocket Cargo Sho
Imperial Jade
6 $17.94 1 $17.94
Summary of Charges
Order Subtotal: $58.89
Promotions: - $10.73
Shipping & Handling: Free
Tax: $0.00
Order Total: $48.16


Friday, March 15, 2013

Shopping and Surgery

I had an eventful week last week.  Long story short, I didn't feel well and asked a good friend to take me into emergency.  I ended up having my gallbladder removed and stayed in the hospital from early Thursday until Saturday afternoon. 

As my children remember from my last surgery about 8 years ago,  I was on Percosets for a few days and in that brief time I discovered ebay and the beauty of Coach leather duffle bags at $250 and $300 each.  So I was cautiously aware that my shopaholic tendancies apparently increase on painkillers!  I thought I would do okay this time as there wasn't anything I really needed...famous last words of a shopaholic confined to bed and on painkillers, eh?  Besides, I'd be sleeping most of the time right?

Here's a list of what I bought, with a few brief explanations:  oops, hold on, I have to go back through my emails in order to compile this lengthy list.  :)

First purchase
--- 3 sets of bronze double glide shower curtain hooks, 1 set of silver double glide shower curtain hooks  (The shower curtain hooks I order almost every month from JCPenney, and every time they are backordered, and every time they cancel the backorder. It's almost a game I play now!)
--- 1 pair Betseyville enamel owl earring posts
--- green chevron bath rug
--- purple chevron bath rug

Second purchase:
--- Lenovo speakers for my computer (I'm aging and can't hear very well when watching shows!)

Third purchase:
--- 2 maxi dresses from the Avenue

Fourth purchase: (I don't know what the quality of the throws are below so I ordered several and will choose one of the fur ones and return whichever one I decide not to use)
--- white fur throw
--- lustrous steel fur throw (yes, that is the name of the color!)
--- zigzag gray/black microplush throw
--- zebra fleece sheet set
--- zebra fleece pillow cases (extra set)
--- tan leopard fleece sheet set
--- Snowden safari tan high quality cotton sheet set

Fifth purchase:  (two very different styles, I'll choose one and one will be returned)
--- matelasse damask loveseat slipcover
--- royal diamond loveseat slipcover

Sixth purchase
--- 2 plush hand towels for my good friend's bathroom  :)

Omg, Seventh purchase: (for my adorable grandson)
--- Little Tykes soccer net
--- Little Tykes adjustable basketball set

I'll just plan on having to have an extra $500-$600 whenever I'm recouperating at home from surgery!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Checking it Twice....

Lesson #1 - Shopping anticipation can be hazardous.

Lesson #2 - Always anticipate which shoes will be most comfortable for a long shopping trip.

Lesson #3 - If you are over 50 with memory problems, Do NOT, I repeat...DO NOT try one of each shoe on to see which feels best.

Lesson #4 - Don't assume the couple of people taking a second look at your feet is because the black & orange flip flops you have on don't match your sweater. There could be another reason they are looking.

Lesson #5 - When trying on clothes at the second shopping mall today, and you step out of your jeans, try to laugh a little bit quieter when you realize this is the pair of shoes you've been walking around in ALL day long!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday - Is it really a good deal?

So here we are.  Cyber Monday is upon us.  All the advertising, all the hype, all people secretly surfing at work...I really don't see that many super-duper good deals (other than all the free shipping offers).

So wow (sarcasm dripping here... -->), Old Navy and GAP are a whole 30% off.  (I've seen that sale before, haven't you?).  While Lane Bryant has 50% off  --- there's still a minimum of $75 before you get that discount.  Macy's has a whole 15% extra off.  Whoop!  Woman Within is 30% off your first item with a $50 minimum.  Yeah baby.  Whoop again.  Even the Avenue, who has 50% off the entire website --- well, that's really a great sale but they've had that all 4 days of this weekend!!! (I know because I've been shopping it and hopefully got my sizes before they went out of stock with you cyber Monday shoppers!  

Here's a good example of why it's good to do the math when a cyber Monday sale sounds really great:

Jessica London's cyber Monday sale is:

Take 50% off your highest item, take 50% off your 2nd item when you buy 3, take 50% off your 3rd item when you buy 5...

So let's say you buy the 5 items. (Remember, you are required to buy 5 items in order to get only 3 of them 50% off.) I'll use numbers that are fairly easy to split for addition purposes.

Item #1 is a heavy sweater. $50 - 50% = $25
Item #2 is another sweater. $40 - 50% = $20
Item #3 is a poplin shirt. $36 - 50% = $18
Item #4 is a silky shirt. $28 no discount = $28
Item #5 is a turtleneck $20 no discount = $20
Regular price total $174. With discount = $111 = only a 36% discount!!!

It's a whopping 36% discount. Whoopee! Now while that's a nice healthy sale, it's not what I would consider a GREAT INCREDIBLE deal worthy of what cyber Monday is supposed to be. What do you think?