Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Designer Online Sales!

While this post is a little late to take advantage of the sale, I'm posting anyway because I am DELIGHTED that Kate Spade has an online sale --- just like Coach Factory does! 

After a long day and evening at work, I trudged a mile home in the snow (hehe), hand cranked my computer on, and grudgingly logged onto Facebook, only to see a post from about this Kate Spade one-day-only sale.  Who knew!!!  Here's the bag I'm eyeballing but unfortunately cannot afford at this time! (But I'm still just excited that this sale exists!)


The only thing that would make my shopping life more complete would be a Dooney & Bourke online sale!!!  Sigh...I can't afford this one either right now either!            

Monday, May 7, 2012

Double the Style!

Tonight I ordered a second black cotton dress I already own.  I'm feeling slightly guilty, mostly because I charged it.  But here's the deal; I already have it and LOVE it.  I can see myself wearing it for YEARS to come.  The style is somewhat timeless, and frankly even if it wasn't, I'm too old to really give a damn!  While wearing it casually on the weekends I found myself incessantly worrying about getting stains on it.  So, tonight when I saw that not only did Lane Bryant have it back in stock again (it's been completely sold out for awhile), but LB also had buy one item, get one item free....well...I bought it again!  Plus for that BOGO sale, I added a cotton maxi dress that's an ombre blue striped print that I'll use for summers lounging around the house too!