Monday, September 26, 2011


This post isn't about clothes, shopping, or even money.  Really, in the scheme of things - what are those things worth?  We go through life in our society today, looking across the street to see what the neighbors are doing, is their lawn neater than ours, are their kids successful in more activities, they painted their living room - maybe it's time to do mine again?  Do we decorate our homes not only to comfort ourselves, but in equal measure to please our company?  Is that new dress for me - or is it for people to look and admire me? Our skies change from morning to night, sometimes we look up and the moon has changed too. The weather transforms as the seasons pass, and we glimpse time getting ahead of us.  Life marches on, indeed, it often falters along.  Do we turn around often enough to look behind us, to see the people we've encountered along the way?  Are the children we see behind us, and in front of us for our future, are they thanked often enough for just being the people that they are?  The families we've been a part of, do we acknowledge their value in our lives?  And for the close friends that often provide the conversation and support, whether it's daily or just a couple of times a year, do we realize the significance of those brief or infrequent times enough?  Because after you remove all the trappings - the tangibles; clothes, new TVs, all that stuff  - what's left?  It's the people.  So ask yourself, have I thanked these people - because really what is a lifetime?

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