Friday, September 23, 2011

Ebay - No It's Not Clothes!

I'm on vacation for a couple of days and just laying in bed surfing ebay.  Surprisingly enough, I'm not looking at clothes or toys for my grandson!  I was looking for magnet art for my frig.  While I didn't find what I was looking for, I ran across a couple of magnet ideas that I thought were cute or interesting!  
This first one was this set of interchangeable pinup-like girl magnets.  You can move them around, give them mismatched swimsuits or poses.  But the nuance I liked most about these was the all around rounding shape of the magnets --- which really reflected the curves of a woman's body.  An artistic statement and unconscious soulmate that the manufacturer may not have realized they were doing.  These are not the standard flat commercial interchangeable magnets that you see in gift sets!        



Next, OMG, check out these; literally "refrigerator" magnets (and a dishwasher one)!!!  These refrigerator magnets come in different scenes and cover the entire front of your frig!  They come in sets for both the refrigerators with the freezer above the frig part and for side-by-side frigs.  Although the prints for the refrigerators are not as updated and current decorator style as the dishwashers below, it's still a neat idea!

These are the "designer" like magnetic fronts for dishwashers.  These had more of an updated decorator look to them.  One was a scrolling type print and the other was a front you could put on your dishwasher to make it look like stainless steel! 

Amazing --- who thinks of these things?!

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