Friday, December 31, 2010


It appears that typing a list of my packages I'm waiting for and posting that list on my blog was a jolt of reality.  All those late night online forays when I was bored or wanting something, anything, well, I was just very surprised how long that list was.  How much had I bought anyway?!  It seems slightly akin to a food journal of sorts.  I now understand why women on diets are supposed to write down every bite, every snack, every meal, and even every glance at food! The list grows and multiplies while the denial swirling in our brains becomes slowly drowned out by the reality of that list.  It's an eye opening amount of ingestion (or purchases as in this case).  At any rate, while I won't stop writing about shopping and fashion, you may not see quite as many purchases.  Heck, it was even too much to write about all of them. of my purchases was this yellow ribbon sweater from Old Navy.  I crafted this outfit, going with the mix and don't-have-to-match idea, I decided to try two animal prints (or semi-animal prints) together.  After pairing this with a pair of brown tweed slacks and putting it on to go to work one morning, I just couldn't do this bright, bright yellow, especially in winter.  While it looks like a close up of my boob, it's actually a close up of the ribbon sewn on the the sweater.  I thought if anyone wanted to jazz up an ordinary cardigan, this was an excellent example of a novel idea.  Although the whole outfit looked excellent hanging up, I eventually returned the bright yellow sweater to Old Navy.


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