Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nothing to do with Fashion

While this is only semi-related to fashion, it's quite related to shopping! I thought I'd tell you about my latest finds.  You know that cheap store called the " Dollar Tree?"   I found the best lip "shimmer" there!  I picked up a couple of lip products to try. I thought, what the heck, it's only a buck!  A couple of years ago L'Oreal discontinued my lipstick and color, so I've been on a search for a new one since my stash of those ran out.  I've tried different colors and different brands.  Nothing compared to that color and product that matched my skin tone so perfectly.  So when I picked up those two lipsticks at the Dollar Tree, I certainly didn't expect any sort of success!  The first one was actually a lipstick and it was way too dark (not pictured here).  I looked like a gothic housewife.  Threw that one out.  Then I tried the lip "shimmer".  It's actually in between a gloss and a lipstick.  Ding ding ding winner!!!  It's "Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shimmer" and the color is Bliss (top one in the picture).  It almost makes my lips look naturally that red which will be good for during the day at work or for a night time going out look.  I went back and bought 3 more Bliss Lip Shimmers, plus picked up another color called Aura (bottom shimmer in the picture).  This color is more for that casual look, almost the natural look that is in right now, but I like a little more color on my lips than "natural" and this fits that look.  While I haven't found that these shimmers bleed, at my age my lips are starting to get little creases along the outer edges, so for work wear I will probably apply a lipstick that doesn't bleed first and then this perfect Sally Hansen $1 Lip Shimmer! But so far on vacation I've been wearing it by itself.  Oddly enough it has even stayed on while eating! I just found and ordered 24 of them on ebay (all still sealed of course).  I'll be set for a couple of years again.  Thank you to the Dollar Tree!

Oh p.s., the second find at The Dollar Tree was a Spiderman ice pack for my grandbaby.  They are about 4-5inches tall x 3 inches wide.  We've already tried one and they are pliable and comfortable for him!

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